Diva Dish: So Fresh and So Clean Clean

Diva Dish: So Fresh and So Clean Clean

Nowadays everyone loves a quickie. Quickie makeup. Quickie blowout. Quickie manicure. 

Because let’s get real. Busy is the new black. 

So finding time to schedule in (and show up for)what was once considered a luxury becomes a bothersome chore, especially over the holidays when primping turns into the double-edged sword of nuisance and necessity.

But this is party and picture season after all…

A girl’s gotta #represent.

Well, giving you new reason to smile (like your biggest bestest smile ever – obvi flashed at your most flattering angle) is LAVAAN – a new NYC Dental Spa offering express cleanings, whitenings and combo packages. And while you may not deem dental services on par with mini-facials, when you see the space and then your bright white smile after, you may think again.

LAVAAN, run by a cosmetic dentist and an orthodontist who happen to be married, offers The Clean (30 min cleaning) for $89, The White (60 minute whitening) for $395, The Ultimate (90 minute cleaning and whitening) for $450 and The Express (30 minute whitening) for $295. Invisalign is also offered.

I was treated to a complimentary 90 minute cleaning and whitening and found the environment and the service to be worlds apart from your typical dentist office visit. Think of the difference between a med-spa and a dermatologist’s office. (Being that I shop for sport, I quite enjoyed the fancy assortment of high-end, expertly-curated oral care products from Marvis to Tom’s to Couto. I also enjoyed, unlike a doctor’s office, an appointment that started precisely on time.) It’s also far superior to using strips or gel trays in the comfort of your home as they contain less-effective, lower-concentration whitening agents. Plus, LAVAAN uses a barrier cream that turns into a custom-fit waxy covering over your gums to minimize sensitivity.

The cleaning alone was incredibly thorough and is a no-excuse and good-for-you add-on to a whitening. While you can purchase them separately, they are recommended in tandem to give you the perfect bright white smile. Which is what I happily left with.

I took 3 Advil before heading out and experienced only a few “zings” that night (and if you’ve ever had professional teeth whitening, they need no explanation). I had no gum sensitivity at all. Just been flashing my pearly whites ever since… even busted out a high-shine red lip a few times to amp up the results. (Go bright or go home!)

In keeping with the holiday theme, LAVAAN offers gift certificates. Awesome PRE many things like say… a wedding, a new job, a first date, a big presentation at work, a family portrait… and POST many things like say… a divorce, a graduation, a resolution to quit smoking. It makes for a great gift. Even if you’re jus treating yourself.

NOTE: Service was complimentary. This post is not sponsored. All reviews and thoughts are unbiased and my own.