Diva Dish: So TANtalizing

Diva Dish: So TANtalizing


Hello hello beautiful readers!

First of all, please allow me to introduce myself… I’m Katlyn, Divalicious’ newest intern!! I am so excited to be a part of this amazing family and can’t imagine a more perfect situation. You better believe that I am loving every fabulous second of it!

My first product review is this stunning product from Lorac called self TANtalizer.

Once you apply the bronzing/selfTAN lotion with the genius washable mitt (say no to brown palms!) , you are instantly coated with an ‘au natural’ all-over glow. And if you want to take it from golden goddess to bronze bombshell, you also have the option of layering for more dramatic color.

I gave myself about an hour after application to finish my routine  (hair, make-up, dancing in front of the mirror to Rihanna…you know, the norm) before I got dressed for another fab day in NYC. The color was instantly so rich and warm, not at all orange or fake! Which, unless you are from the Jersey Shore and rocking the poof to go with it, no one wants. (Not that I’m hating, I’ve been known to GTL on my down time.)

This product is exactly what you are looking for if, like me, you are quite the busy bee and just can’t find time to make it to the beach! Plus I love the fact that I can keep my skin looking young, fresh, natural AND tan — without all of the harmful UV rays.

My love for this product doesn’t just stop there. After application, you are left with a light, fresh vanilla scent. Def not offensive, chemical or over-powering like other self tanners I’ve tried in the past.

And just when you thought the product couldn’t get any better, I found that it is an amazing moisturizer. The essential oils really do nourish deep and leave you feeling silky, smooth and sexy all day.

For $34.oo, you get all that in addition to long-lasting gorgeous glow. I’m sold!

Side Note: Later on that evening, the ultimate diva herself took me to a deeeelish dinner at one her favorite local spots, where I was immediately complimented on my gorgeous tan…little did he know it came from a bottle ;) We’ll keep that our little secret!

Note: This post is not sponsored. All reviews and thoughts are unbiased and my own. Product was provided for review.