Diva Dish: Thanks Be To…

Diva Dish: Thanks Be To…

While I love the beauty giants, this year I’m thankful for hero products from more… petite players. 

Here’s who and what I’m digging now:

IT COSMETICS by Jamie Kern

When I first tried Bye Bye Under Eye I instantly knew it would go straight into my pro kit. A full coverage concealer that is both waterproof and highly nourishing (read: doesn’t settle into fine lines but actually plumps them)??! Yeah, bye bye undereye (and blemishes and sun spots and veins and redness and everything else) and hello miracle product.

PS: The backstory on this product is pretty cool. Read it here.

Makeup brushes that are 100% cruelty-free yet there is no quality compromise – that’s what I call a #DOUBLEWIN. Seriously, they deposit product beautifully and feel luxurious and amazing as well. It’s a ‘look good, feel good, do good’ situation. 


The Electric Lip Slide. I cannot stop talking about this product. I also cannot stop using it. While I normally love to switch it up, this hybrid lip potion is my new daily go-to. (I think all my other lippies are starting to get jealous and resentful!) They say it’s a mix between a lipstick, a lipgloss and a lip stain. I say it’s a highly pigmented lip cream. You can pat it on with your finger for a wash of punchy color or use the applicator for a more saturated bolder pout. 

Bodyography Lip Liners are another ‘best of both worlds’ scenario. They are utlra long-wear yet glide right on and feel super comfortable (thanks to Chamomile oil and Vitamin E). In my experience, and you know as a child of the 80s and 90s I’ve definitely logged in some lip liner experience, you couldn’t have both. Well with this product, in 2012, you can have it all.


Created by celeb makeup artist Carol Shaw, Multiplex 3D Lashes Mascara lengthens, thickens and curls. Each coat gives you 3x the drama so get ready to bat them lashes. Plus, the curved wand fits like a charm. For real, when I ran out of my first tube, I kept the wand, found a different mascara tube it fit into and tossed that wand. I’m thrifty like that.

Paleness. Not into it. Sun damage. Also not into it. What’s a girl to do?? Fake it cause they make it. TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminzer, that is. The perfect solution for girls like me, who want to be year-long bronzed bombshells without the permanent damage – and also without any steaks or stains. This quick-drying and long-wearing body makeup gives great glow.

Note: This post is not sponsored. All reviews and thoughts are unbiased and my own. Select products were provided as samples for review.