Diva DIY: Bottoms Up

Diva DIY: Bottoms Up

As someone swimming in beauty booty, I rarely reach the bottom of a lipstick  before picking up a cooler color or newer formulation. But when you fall head over heels in love with a limited edition shade, you end up using it often but sparingly until sadly, it’s all gone. And you can’t replace it.

Such was the case with this incredible nudegold shade from MAC.

But instead of saying goodbye, I hung on. I wasn’t ready for our love affair to end.

So I took my nearly broken heart over to Ricky’s and bought some mini pots for 5 bucks (6 per package!) and some makeup spatulas for roughly the same – and then I went somewhere I’ve never gone before. 

Below the bullet!

Even more beautiful than simply extending the romance was the teeny tiny size of the pot as compared to the tube. And so light! Perfect for a killer clutch or a travel ziplock containing countless beauty items all 3 oz or less.

Considering how much some prestige lipsticks cost, I may start doing this more often! In fact, beyond cost, there’s also the size and weight factor for many products. What an amazing solution to make cream and gel eyeshadows portable. For highlighter creams and gel bronzers. Loose pigment powders. Cream blush. There’s no limits to what I’m gonna be holding onto… and taking with me.

♥ ♥ ♥ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!