DIVA Does… Radical C by Mary Schook

DIVA Does… Radical C by Mary Schook

No better way to start this post off than with my verdict on the product after using it regularly now for over a month: Radical C is a Skincare. Game. Changer. 


[Visualize full line of bomb emojis here.]

Created by Licensed Esthetician, Cosmetic Chemist and ‘Skin Whisperer‘ – Mary Schook – Radical C is a powerful powder-to-cream Vitamin C formula that aids in collagen production while evening out skin and making it firmer.

Mary gave me a sample to test before she even completed its final packaging and I love her for it.


And in sea of skincare options and skincare claims, that is EVERYTHING.


In explaining how the powder is revolutionary, Mary shares,

“Up until this moment vitamin C in skincare has been a waste of money because it was either the wrong pH for the skin to absorb or quickly degraded because most formulas are unstable the moment the serum bottle is opened. Radical C’s slow release allows the cells to retain the benefits of Vitamin C allowing skin to appear brighter and firmer!

Speaking of benefits, this product is what I call a ‘now & later,’ in that results appear almost instantly and also improve over time. Which is remarkable when you do side-by-side comparisons in your mirror. (Do them! If you like to geek out over skincare, it’s a guaranteed good time!)


In my personal experience, the product brightened my skin immediately and over time broke up and lightened a patch of freckles caused by sun damage.

More amazing (and I mean, wayyyy more amazing), Radical C plumped my skin on contact and hours later, that skin still appeared plumper. Over weeks of testing the product, the skin felt firmer and appeared thicker.

To get specific, the hollows under my eyes are an area I strategically conceal with makeup, particularly on the “deeper” days when I’ve gotten little sleep or am not feeling well (or drank too much wine at the party). Since starting with Radical C, I’ve only really had to use concealer in the inner corners where the undereye circle begins and then very faintly fan outward with whatever is left on the brush or my ring finger. This, in pretty dramatic contrast to the whole upside-down triangle shape concealer placement, is a major change for me. And a very welcome one at that.

The skin below my eyes is firmer too, with fewer fine lines. It feels thicker. I constantly check it in different mirrors and in different lighting to see if my mind’s playing tricks on me.

Radical C also plumps out the contours around the nose and mouth.

I honestly can’t speak to how it acts on the forehead or the chin. The reason why: I only use it under the eyes and around the nose and mouth. And sparingly too!

When I got the original sample in the tester bottle, I didn’t know when the final product would be ready for sale (it is here now for $59.99 and also on AHA Life). So I carefully rationed it, sprinkling out only the minimal amount needed to get results in the areas most important to me.


To use the product, Mary suggests turning the bottle over and gently tapping the bottom to get a light dusting over the face (and neck, if desired), then rubbing it in. [NOTE: This step goes after cleansing and before applying serum and/or moisturizer.]

I started with that method but felt I couldn’t truly target just the areas I wanted — and also some of my new magic powder ended up wasted on the bathroom counter. NOOOOOOO.

So I switched to Mary’s second option, sprinkling the product on fingertips and massaging it into the skin.

The one thing * NEVER * to do is apply it with a brush or sponge. “As soon as pressure is applied to the formula it disperses,” says Mary, “You want to save all of the good stuff for your skin, not the brush.”

You don’t have to tell me twice!! I would never let a brush or some sponge steal my Radical C.

Other things to know: Radical C can be used on all skin types. Once you apply the product, it should disappear into the skin and start working.

And there you have it.

I cannot wait to hear what it does for you guys!!



Lauren Cosenza - Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

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