Hope everyone had a killer Memorial Day weekend!! I know it’s not just me excited for the beginning of summer and laying out on the beach. But before jumping into this week’s post I would first like to say thank you to all of our service men and women, past and present, who sacrifice so much for us.

Now, however you spend your summer — on a beach, a boat, poolside, parkside, rooftop –you’re in need of a towel. And I say go with one that more than dries you. How about something that makes a statement? Maybe it speaks to your alter-ego. Maybe it nods at your sense of humor. Maybe it just rocks. 

THE VIP TOWEL. You and your friends decide to cool off and go body surfing.  Make sure everyone knows not to touch your spot while you’re gone. 

THE MANSCAPING TOWEL. You get up to throw the football around in the park.  Be sure to let those around you know the only patches left uncut are on your towel.

THE ASS-GRAB TOWEL. You get out of the pool to toss some burgers on the grill.  Make people wonder if a towel is the only thing wrapped around you. 

THE ANTISOCIAL TOWEL. For when the beach or the pool feels more like a meat market than a place to chill and relax. Grab a towel with a 500 font to make your status clear to the world.

THE TWISTER TOWEL. Or for those times when you are looking to make new friends — or just have fun with your crew. Get twisted.