DUDE’S DISH: So you wanna be a Wiseguy??

DUDE’S DISH: So you wanna be a Wiseguy??

Sadly yesterday we saw the passing of one of the greatest actors ever, James Gandolfini.  I remember watching weekly as he effortlessly brought mob boss Tony Soprano to life – showcasing the problems of running a criminal empire while dealing with the duties of being a husband and father. 

One thing I must say is that while playing Tony Soprano, James looked good.  So in honor of a Hollywood icon, this week I present: how to dress like a wise guy.

How are you going to be taken seriously without a sharp Italian suit? Get fitted for a custom Vestimenta Suit. Tony Soprano accepted nothing less.


There is only one brand of shoes worthy of both the feet of every President since Reagan and mob bosses alike.  Lace up a pair of Allen Edmonds, and walk with swag.


In addition to the requisite gold chain, a gold watch is a must.  What better way to display your success and power than a gold Rolex Yachtmaster?


Running a cash business means treating your dough with the respect it deserves. A Bottega Veneta wallet does the job right.


After a long day, unwind by enjoying a cigar. Pick up a S.T. Dupont cutter. It doubles as a good way to remind people who’s boss. Badda bing.


-Sr. Lettuce

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Note: Lead image of James Gandolfini from Salon.