DUDES DISH: The Missing Link…

DUDES DISH: The Missing Link…

Sr. Lettuce is back!!! And kickstarting a theme-based round-up that will run each Friday for a dose of weekend inspiration. I hope you guys enjoy!!! 

I thought I would start off my weekly contribution with what I feel is the missing piece in many men’s wardrobes.  

So you already have the impeccably tailored suit, the hand cut shoes, custom shirts, Egyptian-cotton tie and Italian leather belt. You are asking yourself what could you be missing…

How about some kickass cufflinks that not only separate you from the pack but also provide flair by serving a double purpose. 

Next time you are wondering the temperature, forget reaching for your iPhone and pulling up the app. Simply glance at your one of a kind thermometer cufflinks.

Watches are beautiful, but many are too bulky to fit underneath your sports coat without looking like an Olympic medal on your wrist.  Problem solved by the Tateossian watch cufflinks. Form and function, baby.

When your well-intended buddy decides to step it up a notch after work by picking up a six-pack of some delicious Mexican beer, it won’t matter that he forgot the bottle opener.  Save the day, and quench your thirst, with these stainless steel bottle opener cufflinks.

You may have a personal distaste for cigarettes but when you step outside with the the cute girl you’ve been talking to all night and she she asks for a light, your stock will soar when you pull back your sleeve. Viola, Lighter Cufflinks.

Whoever said you can’t buy SWAG must not have seen Ralph Lauren’s White Gold Skull Cufflinks with Diamond Eyes.  Okay these maybe a little pricey, but what’s that saying…?? Oh yah, Diamonds are Forever.

-Sr. Lettuce