Four Cruelty Free Summer Essentials for Your Beach Bag

Four Cruelty Free Summer Essentials for Your Beach Bag

Summer is finally here and I’m ready to spend the next three months BBQing, beach bumming, and spending time with my friends, family, and my dog. Do you have your Cruelty Free Summer Essentials ready for your all of your fun festivities? Every year, my friends and I gripe about the same beauty blunders for summer. Shaving, exfoliating, sunburn…it seems like the list of summer beauty challenges is never-ending. Thankfully, I spent the colder months searching for the Cruelty Free Summer Essentials that will keep you smooth, sharp, and smelling great all season long.

ACURE is one of my favorite vegan and cruelty free brands, but my challenge as a cruelty free hippy lady was finding a good shave cream. Many of them are thick and emollient based which is awesome for the winter, but in the summer I want a shave that feels close and clean. Read: no shaving residue please and thank you! ACURE’s newest foaming shaving gel is the #1 Cruelty Free Summer Essential for more than one reason. #1: Their tagline is “foams up just like Dad’s” and it’s TRUE! Ladies and gents, the best foaming vegan shave gel has arrived. #2: Powerful, yet gentle botanicals. Aloe, calendula, and chamomile gently allow your razor to glide without nasty burns or bumps. #3: No awful side effects to the environment! The packaging is recyclable and the dispensing is air, not gas, powered! My legs, underarms, and ah-hem, sensitive areas are happy!

Second on my list is Lush, because…Lush. But seriously, their cruelty free and animal rights activism is totally amazing. Which is why I have to gush about my favorite exfoliator Let the Good Times Roll! This gentle, polenta based cleanser is packed with raw sugar to slough away any bumps or rough edges that the summer can sometimes leave on us. I love exfoliating before I head to the beach to pick up rays (with my CF sunscreen of course). Great for the face and body, and it smells like cinnamon popcorn! Just try not to munch on it!

Zabana is a brand that I met through Vegan Cuts which allowed me to try so many cool products I wouldn’t have thought to try otherwise. Case and point: dry shampoo. Summer is when my curls can get really cry and damaged from salt, sand, and surf. So, washing every day is not on my agenda. After a beach or pool day, I don’t always have time to re-doll up before going out which is why Zabana’s Dry Shampoo makes the list as your beach must have! Kaolin Clay keeps hair from getting oily and the shimmer adds a little bit of drama.

Alba Botanica is a great cruelty free brand, so if you can’t find ACURE, this is a close second for your summer shave! Like ACURE, their foam is air-powered and packed with mango butter and vanilla scent. I loved how light the foam was, and how less was more with this product.

Don’t stress out this summer! We’ve got you covered whether you need to shave, shimmer, or get smooth in a flash with our Cruelty Free Summer Essentials. Happy beach days!

— Christine

Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own.