Haircare That’s Macaw-ing Me Crazy!

Haircare That’s Macaw-ing Me Crazy!

My first thought when Tara Smith’s new haircare line arrived at my doorstep was, “What’s with the cute birds??” Conveniently, Tara Smith created a separate page for that specific reason, and I love it! But no, her vegan line isn’t tested on animals– it’s tested on film stars.

Tara Smith’s exclusive natural haircare line is inspired by birds: their range of beauty (from color to their own fun hairstyles), and their freedom. The line itself has twelve items, ranging from shampoo and conditioner to treatments that help solve any hair-mergency! The samples sent to me for review were the Feed the Root Shampoo and Conditioner, based on the Red-Fronted Macaw, Base Coat Serum, based on the Galah Bird, and Shining Moment Glosser, based on the Cockatoo. 

I loved how descriptive and well thought out the packaging was, i.e. the Red-Fronted Macaw was chosen for the Feed the Root duo because it nourishes the hair to grow healthy and thick, as the bird’s feathers grow naturally! The shampoo and conditioner also had some pretty beneficial ingredients, such as tea tree oil that helps unclog hair follicles and bamboo extract that removes dead skin cells!

After trying out each of the products in order (shampoo + conditioner, base serum, and then glosser spray), I put some makeup on and took an impromptu b&w photo shoot; my hair has never looked or felt better (natural waves in full force)!

DSC07659 DSC07673

xox, Lex

Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Samples provided for review consideration. All photos in this post are my own.