InternDIVA: NYX Butter Gloss

InternDIVA: NYX Butter Gloss

Have you ever believed that the pricier the product, the better the quality? I have. Especially since the top faves in my makeup bag have each cost me well over $30. However, I would never cross the line to buy a cheaper brand because they’re just that good to me. And while entrance into my everyday makeup bag is a tough one, I think I may have just found one super-affordable product that easily passes the test. 

Say hello to my new everyday staple: NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu.

Can I just say that opening the bottle was equivalent to unveiling a plate of freshly baked crème brûlée? Unless it’s just me getting extremely excited for the holidays, this lipgloss has the sweetest smell that will take you back to your Smackers days (let’s all admit we went through that phase at one point). While the temptation to lick all of the gloss right off your lips is cray, this product unfortunately is not edible.

In terms of wear, one important tip prior to application: exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. I promise that you’ll enjoy this lippie 10x better if you do. After that’s done, gloss up!

What I really like about this product is that it’s visually obvious that my lips are moist and hydrated. The formula is non-sticky, smooth and never too shiny, which is greatly appreciated from any everyday lip gloss. As a result, Butter Gloss leaves a subtle and creamy shine, which is something you never have to worry about being too little or too much. Texture-wise, my lips feel phenomenal. One coat of gloss is thick enough to feel confident that it will last some time (about 2-3 hours for me), but not too thick where it feels heavy on your lips. 

Aaaand last but not least, can we talk about the COLOR?! Out of the variety of shades LDiva had for me and GaYoung to choose from, my instincts were telling me to go for Tiramisu. In the tube it appears as a sheer beige with a dash of blush pink, but on my lips, the perfect nude I have been looking for. Best believe I’ll be applying it in the middle of class!

After all this raving about NYX Butter Gloss, would you believe it’s only $5?!! I can guarantee this won’t be the only one in my makeup bag for long!

I guess I can finally say that price don’t mean a thang when it comes to quality!



Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Samples were provided for review.