DUDES DISH: It’s All In The Details

DUDES DISH: It’s All In The Details

Weekly column #2! This time I’ve decided to tackle  ”overlooked details”…

One of my closest friends from way back was recently told in an interview that the first thing his prospective employer looks at when he is interviewing a candidate is his fingernails.  Are they perfectly trimmed, left uncut, or nervously bitten? These small details can actually be extremely revealing about a person.  

Similarly, simple but thoughtful details within your living quarters can exponentially add or detract to your home game, whether the “judge” in this instance be your mom, your long-term girlfriend or that new girl you finally invited over for a drink.

Time is of the essence. Just because you can get the hour and minutes on your phone does not mean you should. Take the opportunity to make time a focal point with modern design mixed with retro functionality, i.e. this Brick Alarm Clock

Smart Art. When it comes to art, I like Picasso, Pollock, and Diego Rivera. While I save up for an original, I’ll adorn my walls with a print that speaks to my personality and lifestyle. Work Like a Captain, Play Like a Pirate? Will do.

Turn up the lights in here baby. Chances are, when a lightbulb goes out, you find its cheapest replacement at your local drugstore. Instead pay homage to Edison and pick up a couple 1910 Squirrel-Cage‘s.

Chop chop. Cooking can be an art. With the right tools.  But regardless of your prowess in the kitchen, pick up a set of knives that look as good in your hands as they do on display. Personally I like the Shun 3 Piece Knife Set. Aesthetics are everything.

Get your rocks off. Would you put low-grade gas in James Bond’s Aston Martin? Does your Whiskey enjoy being filled with small, unimpressive and fast-dissolving  ice? No and No. Bring some style to your nightcap with the King Cube.

-Sr. Lettuce