MANI Monday: People

MANI Monday: People

If you haven’t already checked out DIVAlicious Contributor Mei Kawajiri’s nail art photographs, you need to click THIS BUTTON right this second. It will take you to the Manis By Mei gallery which will be updated several times a week. My faves will also be showcased on the homepage Favorite Pics section.

From Tokyo to NYC where she is based now, Mei is a true and consummate artist and her nails are all masterpieces inspired by people, art, cities, culture, fashion, beauty and beyond.

Picture titles detail (usually in three words or less) Mei’s inspiration or reference piece. Already in the gallery are manicures that range from Picasso to Disney Princesses to Chanel To Lady Gaga.

Right now I’m loving her people-inspired work and selected these three to spotlight:

From top to bottom: Wedding Manicure, Boyfriend Manicure, Lips Manicure.