Mastering Spring/Summer 2014 Makeup Trends with Allure and Maybelline at #MNYMasterClass

Mastering Spring/Summer 2014 Makeup Trends with Allure and Maybelline at #MNYMasterClass

Allure Magazine and Maybelline New York recently hosted a night of beauty and hands-on fun and, of course, DIVAlicious was there to cover it and report back!

At the event, artists and bloggers were seated at mini makeup stations complete with a small mirror and a bag bursting with Maybelline goodies. Hosts Sophia Panych (Associate Editor at Allure) and Gabe Almodovar (Celebrity Makeup Artist with Maybelline) revealed and then instructed on what trends to look out for and how to recreate them for spring.

Sophia began the evening with a presentation, sharing 6 of her favorite beauty looks from the New York, Paris and Milan spring 2014 runways.


  1. Orange Lips. Clementine lipstick paired with no-makeup makeup was a very popular combination across the board. For those who are apprehensive about the citrusy shade clashing with their skin tone, a true orange should look good on everyone.
  2. Metallic Eyeshadow. Obviously not an everyday look; however, layering and shading with copper, gold, or silver is a fun way to change up a more traditional smoky eye.
  3. Gold Fever. Shimmers of gold were common accents at several runway shows. Dries Van Noten incorporated gold in an natural and elegant fashion by gluing strands of gold to the eyelashes of their models.
  4. Artsy Eyes. Collections like Chanel took a literal artistic approach to their makeup design. Eyes were a colorful canvas of brush strokes (or airbrush strokes, as was the case with Prada).
  5. Bedazzled. While it isn’t a wearable look, Sophia highlighted Givenchy’s gorgeous Swarovski masks. It took Pat McGrath and their makeup team 12 hours to craft each masterpiece, by hand, directly onto each model!
  6. White Eyeshadow. White eyeshadow was the color at quite a few New York shows (Altuzarra in particular). When done right, it reads as very chic and fresh.

After the trend download, we got down and dirty with the gift bag from Maybelline. Under Gabe’s master guidance, we attempted to recreate three of the trends — orange lips, metallic eyeshadow, and white eyeshadow — on ourselves. Truth be told, my first attempts during the event ended up a bit haphazard… but after some practice, combined with the notes I took, I think I might have managed to pass this master class.

You be the judge!

Look 1: White Eyeshadow

GABE’S PRO TIP: When curling lashes, start at the base of the eyelashes and open and close the curler lightly a few times. This avoids the issue of 90 degree-angled eyelashes. 

Look 2: Orange Lips

GABE’S PRO TIP: Lip liner keeps lipstick from chaffing and bleeding. Apply some after you’ve applied your lipstick by draw along the edge of your lips. You can even coat your entire lip with liner first (a technique popular among YouTube makeup artists)– just make sure your lips are fully hydrated, or the matte finish from the pencil will make your lips look especially dry.

Look 3: Metallic Eyeshadow

GABE’S PRO TIP: Using cream eyeshadow allows you to forgo a primer. Make sure to apply the cream first and any powders second to avoid clumping. 

BONUS TIP! If you smudge your eyeshadow with mascara, here’s how to get it off: Wait for it to dry first, and then gently rub the area with a q-tip. Mascara doesn’t adhere to skin the way it does to hair, so it should easily lift.

– Kate Pangilinan

Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Samples were provided at the Master Class to recreate the looks.