Is that plant placenta on your face, or is your skin just happy to see me?

Is that plant placenta on your face, or is your skin just happy to see me?
Claudia Ossa

Claudia Ossa

I would be lying if I told you that I wasn’t cynical when it comes to beauty products with odd ingredients that claim to make you look real-pretty-real-fast.

Luckily, this is not the case with EMK Anti Aging Face Serum. I did my Googling and the folks at EMK are the real deal and the end result of years of research is a product that has made my skin feel much more supple than it has in years. Yes, a product with plant placenta that claims to repair skin damage, build collagen, brighten, lift and restore youthful radiance.

The little bottle that could.

The little bottle that could.

Plant placenta is not the only ingredient that makes this serum magical. It is very much a group effort, however, I am not a beauty scientist, so I visited EMK’s web site to see why their product works.

It turns out that it isn’t enough for a beauty product to contain some good ingredients. Those ingredients need some help to permeate the skin and get to the right places to make things happen. This lovely miracle serum contains EMK’s Synercell TM Delivery System. Here is what it does in their words:

Ingredients must be delivered to specific locations in a sufficient concentration to have the greatest skin benefits. Skin moisturizing and softening ingredients as well as protective UVA and UVB filtering compounds are designed to stay on the surface, or Stratum Corneum, of the skin. Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants need to penetrate below the skin surface to the Epidermis in order to be active at the skin cell level. Powerful active ingredients such as Plant Placenta and other botanicals and peptides that inhibit or assist certain skin responses must penetrate to the deepest layer of the Dermis to activate cellular turnover and prevent aging processes.

Synercell™ delivery system helps skin receive and utilize all the repairing active ingredients while preventing the reproduction of weak skin cells that results in loss of firm skin tone, rough texture, and dry, dull skin.

Every night after cleansing, I look forward to squeezing the little dropper of semi-gooey liquid onto the palm of my hand and applying it lovingly to my skin. I feel like it goes to work immediately, and I feel good about doing something nice for myself. The only sadness lies in the inevitable moment when I run out. This product is not inexpensive.

I have also noticed that the strange hyper-pigmentation that was the part of the “swag” that you get when you have babies (God is a man) … has almost disappeared.

I have been using this product about 3-5 nights a week for a month and a half — and only 1/4 of the bottle is gone. A full bottle should last me about 5 months. The bottle retails for about $195 … a facial can cost $75 on the low end and hundreds of dollars on the high end. So you can consider cost versus value. I would feel really great if this was the only “anti-aging” treatment that I was using on my skin. I want to continue using EMK Placental after my jar is bye-bye, so I will be mindful of the money spend on silly things that aren’t making me look younger.

Bottom line: This product is a tad pricey for what I am used to spending, but my skin feels better. I like the idea of any plant-derived products… I am scared of the chemically-composed lines. I think that this is worth trying if you can afford it.

– Claudia

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NOTE: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Samples were supplied for editorial consideration. All photos are my own.


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