Spray The Sunshine – A J.Lo Glow Made Easy

Spray The Sunshine – A J.Lo Glow Made Easy
Growing up in California, I was always in the sunshine, even in winter.  Sure, there were plenty of possibilities to toast my cheeks and highlight my locks, but being partially raised by a beloved great aunt who not only worked in beauty, but secretly shared my dreams of being on the silver screen, meant that I was constantly reminded of the importance of sunscreen (I was equally reminded to stop chasing after boys for reasons related to my reputation and possible scarring from unintended falls–good advice now when you think about it, but I digress…)
Fast-forward to adulthood where I live in New York as an (often pale) writer with a desire to grab a “natural” looking glow that doesn’t smell, streak or make me look like I am related to a sweet potato.
I have tried the smelly Mystic (and subsequently got caught in the rain four hours later while wearing white on a third date) and every bottle in Duane Read (all of which made me smell sour and washed off in two days).  The airbrush was nice (but expensive) and tanning in a bed brought about shame and a wart–yes, a wart--on the back of my thigh. Ok, that’s a lie. It was on my butt. How awful is that?
I had all but given up until I watched my glowing, gorgeous, bronzed friend, Kaley, whip out a can of Quick Tan Instant Body Spray by Body Drench and spray her skin without the slightest fear of streaking.  ”Is that your secret?” I asked with a respectful gasp.  ”Oh, yes!” she said. “It’s incredible!”  I popped onto Amazon and bought a three 6 oz-can package deal for $31.00 the very next day.  Two days later, my box arrived.  I exfoliated (essential) and sprayed myself from top to toe.  There was a smell, a lovely soft-Vanilla, and my color went from January pasty to J.Lo perfect in 3 hours!
Were the extra looks and compliments due to the bronzer?  No one can know for sure, but I loved the way the color complimented my skin, made me look healthier and less tired and worked with the coral blush I just bought from Benefit.  A definite #WIN.
Aunt Vyvian (and my derm) would approve.
From Body Drench: 

Get an instant summer glow with Quick Tan Instant Self Tanners. Salon quality sunless tanning in a bottle. Quick Tan Instant Self Tanners give a natural looking year-round tan. Bronzing Spray has 360° nozzle for easy application.

  • Bronze tint for an instant sun-kissed glow
  • Tinted formulas make it easy to see where to apply
  • Natural-looking sunless tan develops in 3-5 hours

For best results, use on clean, exfoliated skin. Shake well before use. Spray evenly over body holding 10″ away. Wash hands after application. Let skin dry before putting on clothes. For a deeper tan, use once a day until desired look is achieved. To maintain tan, apply 1-2 times weekly.