The Dish with DDR: Meet the 83 Year-Old Fitness Instructor!

The Dish with DDR: Meet the 83 Year-Old Fitness Instructor!

Esther Fairfax is proof that age is just a number! The astounding 83 year-old (yes, you heard right!) is here to show the world that you can do anything you put your mind and body to! She may be unknown to you (now), but she has been in the fitness biz for almost 50 years! As a fitness enthusiast myself, I was so excited to meet the fascinating instructor at PureYoga NYC, and take the renowned barre class taught by the platinum blonde bombshell, Esther herself!



Daughter of Lotte Berk, founder and creator of the original barre technique, Esther has stayed devoted to her mother’s method and has been running classes from her studio in the UK for over 47 years. The fitness program is inspired by ballet, which focuses on lengthening, toning and sculpting the accessory muscles that are normally forgotten about in traditional fitness classes. By the end of the class, I felt like a work of art in motion. The Lotte Berk Technique was so different from anything I’ve every taken. It’s heart pumping indeed, but in a moderate way that is great for all levels of fitness.

What’s more is all you need are a barre  a mat, and an open mind!

Berk believed that fitness was meant to be fun and laughable — and her daughter has sure carried on that same approach.


When I entered the class Esther greeted me with open arms, literally, and gave me a huge welcome in her lovely British accent.


Esther has an electric energy that simply lights up a room and your soul. Her magnetic wit and sense of humor are incomparable. Along with her fun and whimsical way of teaching. She had the group smiling and feeling through the whole class.



If you get the chance and would like to experience or learn more about The Lotte Berk Technique for yourself, check out the site for more witty interviews and classes. You will not be disappointed!



*NOTE: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. I was invited to experience the class for editorial consideration.