THE DISH WITH DDR: This Shiny must be… Sinful

THE DISH WITH DDR: This Shiny must be… Sinful

Nails: another weekly maintenance for us ladies! The job of going to a salon to get your mani and then sitting there waiting for it to dry can be galling, but if you’re a DIY kinda gal like myself and willing to do it at home, SinfulColors is worth a shot!

I was so excited to try the new SinfulShine high gloss, high shine nail polish collection –  for many reasons, but mainly because I, for one, loathe making the trip to a salon to get a manicure (it just takes wayyyy too much time out of my life) yet I do love the results of a salon mani. 

The shade I tested is a rich gray named Steel Reserve.  

Five times glossier than patent leather!

The Verdict: I was shocked at how well SinfulShine provided major salon-like quality for only $2.99! My Sinful manicure lasted for days without chipping!  The polish is super glossy, streak-free and can be applied with minimal effort. This high-shine nail polish is created with Gel-Tech, a self-curing polymer formula that delivers the same high shine gloss as an acrylic UV cured gel — but without the annoyance of having to sit under a special lamp and wait for it to dry. WHO has time for that?! 

Other key benefits that made me smile were knowing that this decadent formula, which comes in 32 shades, is produced in the beautiful USA, never tested on animals and formaldehyde-. Toluene- and DPB-free!

Pick up your fave shade at any Walgreens!


Note: This post is not sponsored. Products were provided as samples for review.