The Lettuce: Back in Black

The Lettuce: Back in Black

NOTE: This post was originally published on Instagram. I am reposting and backdating it here as part of a historical series in order to preserve these meaningful memories and early motherhood thoughts and experiences in a way that is not tied to any social media platform.

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for some time. As we formally shelter in place in NYC, this project brings me happiness and a welcome break from the news.

I don’t think productivity works for everyone or needs to be our current goal, but for me what works are bursts of productivity in stolen moments, balanced with quiet time, attempts at meditation, family snuggles, play time, trying to keep this now 2-year-old child stimulated and learning, binging on our grown-up shows once he’s asleep, snacking, building community and creating content for Señor Lechuga Hot Sauce, family meals, some form of exercise even if just a walk around the block, and looking to see if there are ways, no matter how small, in which we can help improve the situation. Every day for us is a different mix of this. 🖤

ORIGINAL: March 16, 2018…

NEW: May 9, 2018…

Back at it with the black one piece.


A month and a half later I put a bathing suit on again. Same one. I felt much better in it this time.

I’ve tightened up more but also I got the straps shortened a touch. You may not think a quarter or half inch is worth a trip to the tailor. Especially when getting out of the house is hard. I beg to differ. Last time in the suit I felt I might have a wardrobe malfunction, particularly with my babe going for the boob! I felt much more confident with a secure top — and confidence is the number one thing that makes swimwear look good. That’s undisputed factual truth. 🔑

As for my postpartum shape, I’m feeling more fit and strong despite some crepe-y looser skin right around my belly button that antagonizes me on occasion while I’m side-lying. I luckily started healing from my c-section very quickly. But I didn’t have the time or the energy, or the sleep or the baby care coverage that I trusted, for more than 1 or 2 spin classes a week once I was cleared to work out. I know people say if you want it bad enough you make no excuses. And I see new moms doing yoga and planks on the playmat. Going for that 5am run or boot camp. And that’s awesome. But not this mom.

My main exercise is lifting and carrying my big boy, playing with him, dancing with him, feeding him and taking him on lots of walks. Not extreme and not linked to any (self-created or external) pressure. I have no dietary restrictions beyond those for breastfeeding. And right now I can finally zip my most fitted clothes from even my wedding week. I couldn’t do that at two or three or even four or five months postpartum.

I’ve been (mostly) kind and patient with the body that gave me my little man. As I continue to tone and strengthen it, I know some things may never return. It’s a worthwhile trade, to say the least.


I post this because of a lot of conversations lately about moms feeling they have to “bounce back” immediately, unrealistic expectations based on celeb moms, worries about pregnancy’s temporary and permanent changes to our bodies and other harmful noise.

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Originally posted on May 9, 2018

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