The Lettuces: Paul Christopher Original Art

The Lettuces: Paul Christopher Original Art

NOTE: This post was originally published on Instagram. I am reposting and backdating it here as part of a historical series in order to preserve these meaningful memories and early motherhood thoughts and experiences in a way that is not tied to any social media platform.

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for some time. As we formally shelter in place in NYC, this project brings me happiness and a welcome break from the news.

I don’t think productivity works for everyone or needs to be our current goal, but for me what works are bursts of productivity in stolen moments, balanced with quiet time, attempts at meditation, family snuggles, play time, trying to keep this now 2-year-old child stimulated and learning, binging on our grown-up shows once he’s asleep, snacking, building community and creating content for Señor Lechuga Hot Sauce, family meals, some form of exercise even if just a walk around the block, and looking to see if there are ways, no matter how small, in which we can help improve the situation. Every day for us is a different mix of this. 🖤

Three years ago today on our rooftop, my husband asked me to marry him. 114 days later we secretly married on that same rooftop. The following evening, our engagement party turned into our surprise wedding celebration. Before heading to the venue, a photo of a kiss in front of our building was snapped by our photographer. That photograph inspired our incredibly talented artist friend to create a painting rich in the layers and depth and texture and beauty he saw in our relationship.

After two years of working on it and then showing it at his first solo gallery exhibition in NYC this spring, and 981 days after the photo itself was taken, he presented it to us today on the anniversary of our engagement.

The art, like all of his work, came with a custom poem. We are so moved by the piece. It is so incredibly meaningful to us. But most special of all, was seeing the joy of our 6 month old son as he took it in with fresh eyes as well.

@paulchristoph3r – a million thank yous and so much love. It is PHENOMENAL.

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Originally posted on May 4, 2018

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