The Lettuces: You Popped

The Lettuces: You Popped

This is my fourth pregnancy — and right after two back to back losses, my third pregnancy straight in a row. I’ve basically been pregnant on and off and on again since August 2019. So I’ll be pregnant for nearly one full year when this baby is expected to debut.


Before we were quarantined, I already had a few people tell me wow I *already* popped and make other likely-well-intended-but-perhaps-poorly-communciated physical observations, as I was dealing with my own body and hormones and emotions fluctuating back and forth.

So as many expecting women and new moms are sharing the hidden blessings and silver linings of being pregnant in a pandemic, I’d like to add Silence From All The Noise to the list.

Silencing the noise is a long-standing life goal of mine but when you’re pregnant or a new mom, it’s basically Survival 101.

As my old boss at Cosmo once told me, back when I was way too young to appreciate it, once you have a bump or a baby it’s basically an invisible suggestion box on your head for people’s unsolicited comments and advice.

In my first pregnancy, I remember a few times in which I was told, You got big! And I remember thinking, isn’t getting bigger kind of the goal here. We are lucky to get big. Not everyone gets the experience of getting big. I did not take it for granted the first time around when it all came so easy for me and I definitely don’t take it for granted now.

So I am grateful as I grow, in isolation, that I literally get to choose who has access to me, even electronically. And beyond those few, the only noise is coming from my own head. If the words floating around in there are kind or unkind, that’s on me.


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