The New Bohemian Luxury | Anna Sui’s “La Nuit de Bohéme”

The New Bohemian Luxury | Anna Sui’s “La Nuit de Bohéme”

This past Tuesday, Anna Sui invited NYC editors and bloggers to her SoHo boutique to celebrate the launch of her newest fragrance, La Nuit De Bohéme. Of course, the DIVAlicious crew was in attendance. The latest addition to her already long line of successful scents was created as the complement to La Vie De Bohéme, which introduced beauty to the world of the Romantic Bohemian just last fall.

“She is a girl-child woman who lives life on the edge, expressing her freedom and individuality,” reveals the brand. “But at night… at night she turns into another girl, entirely. This is La Nuit De Bohéme Eau de Toilette, a flanker fragrance that captures all the mystery and sensuality of her heart.”

At sunset, Anna Sui’s wide-eyed wondering bohemian trades her girlish charms for glamour and intrigue. Where La Vie enchanted people with its fresh, sweet, flowery scent, La Nuit entices with its decadent floral-woody-fruity richness. Femininity, for La Nuit de Bohéme, smells and feels more exotic and sultry—like a luxurious, hot summer evening in Morocco or Abu Dhabi.

As someone who has previously declared her love for subtle scents, I really am also in love with this more full-bodied perfume. I just can’t get over how the notes so perfectly capture sensuality without sacrificing confidence or sophistication.

Regarding the packaging, these images speak for themselves. La Nuit de Bohéme may be one of the prettiest perfume bottles I’ve ever owned. The signature Anna Sui butterfly still takes center stage, but the sweet, flirty purples of La Vie de Boheme’s bottle and box are absent. In their place, rich and dramatic gold, gold, gold. 

La Nuit de Bohéme is available now at and Anna Sui Stores, and will become available at come Fall. Prices for this perfume are $46 for 30 ml., $65 for 50ml., and $78 for 75ml. 

– Kate Pangilinan

Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Samples were provided for review.