UNISEXXXY: From Vietnam to Veggani (ft. VEGAN handbags)

UNISEXXXY: From Vietnam to Veggani (ft. VEGAN handbags)

Built with a mission. Pieced together with conscious thoughts and strong ethics to make a difference. “VEGGANI is a vegan handbag brand that believes in the protection of people, animals and the planet.”

Founder, Laua de Waal, proudly showcased the debut of VEGGANI this year at NYFW. Alongside her delightful and very supportive hip mom, Jackie, and her fabulously entertaining staff, I indulged in a fun, thought-provoking, conversation to learn a bit more.

Introducing VEGGANI. Veggani Handbags ($115 – $260)
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Elaborating on the fascinating production process and materials used to construct the bags, Laura shares:

All of our hardware – that are simple shapes – are created by our artisans in a remote village in the Xieng Khouang Province in Northern Laos. They create this from recycled bombs from the Vietnam war. It is detonated ordinance that is easy for them to use. We work with a Swiss organization to make sure that we are never doing more harm than good and our artisans are properly trained to know how to find this ordinance in a safe way and melt it down.


Only animal-free materials are used to create our handbags. The best vegan leathers and faux furs are sourced and used in production. A prime material we use is cork; it is a very sustainable material because they don’t need to harm the trees when they strip the cork from the tree. And about 90% of the linings are made from recycled plastic bottles; it’s all post-consumer waste.

Many vegan fashion and accessory products use virgin synthetic fibers, but in comparison, the materials VEGGANI chooses consume “less energy and water, and produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions.”

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Laura also notes:

While we were in Laos, we went to the local school where the artisans are taught. And we saw that they needed a new roof and also needed to update the lavatory facilities. To fund these projects, we give 10% back to the artisan school from the sale of the bags.


Laos is the most bombed country, per capita, in the world. By working with these artisans, we are helping clear their farmlands and provide financial sustainability to their families and communities.

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VEGGANI is created with global awareness. The brand contributes to a more eco-, animal-, consumer-, job-, budget- FRIENDLY world.

Naturally, VEGGANI is UNISEXXXY!!!

So it’s no surprise, Lauren & I both set our hearts on Malala in Black ($160), which is currently sold out but will be returning to the site soon. Like many of VEGGANI’s bags, it is practical for countless places and situations. Like the gym. An outdoor adventure. A vacation carry-on. A casual Saturday afternoon. A rooftop at sundown with friends…


The center of this bag has two split compartments, each with its own zippers, which makes it easy to separate and store (for example, gym clothes on one side and beauty products on the other). The bag also carries the signature VEGGANI oversized tassle. And like many of the collection, it is accented by a pop color highlighted in certain spots (note the purple above in the tassle and around the side compartment).

The Malala bag can also be worn in a hobo style or as a backpack. So versatile!

Seriously guys… TOO CUTE TO BOOT!!


Spreading love and peace through fashion is one statement ALL DIVAS proudly stand behind!!

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