UNISEXXXY: The ONE Concealer Everyone Needs

UNISEXXXY: The ONE Concealer Everyone Needs

There are many things that we all have in common. From achieving financial goals and dreaming of globe trotting adventures to hoping to one day meet our celeb-crush. But how bout the commonalities in our every day? Specifically with beauty, fashion, and style.

Doesn’t everyone love to hear their skin looks flawless, their hair looks great, their outfit on point?!

If you keep current with what I cover here on UNISEXXXY, you know I typically don’t write about a single product. But rather find a singular theme they all share. However, and it’s a big however, when something raises the bar as high as this does — and it is truly something that  E V E R Y O N E  can use — exceptions are made. Because I believe one thing we all have in common… is the need for this product.

Now to be clear, I’m talking… Man. Woman. Gay. Straight. Young. Old. Smooth skinned. Blemished. Whatever.

Sharing with you the one single product we ALL can use to help on those OFF-days and enhance on those ON-days…


Clé de Peau Beauté concealer ($70)

I was introduced to this small but mighty stick by LC on many occasions. Whether used on herself or to prep me for a shoot day, I quickly caught on…this isn’t just any concealer. It’s more like a magic wand!

One time in particular, for a recent Beauty With Beverages, I showed up totally embarrassed and super self-conscious about this awful ingrown on my neck! In literally seconds, Lauren demonstrates how quick and easy it is to apply and blend. Literally, voila! VANISHED! (Click on the video if you need proof.)


Keeping you feeling confident and beautiful, regardless of the flaws you may wake up to, Clé de Peau Beauté concealer treats a number of skin issues that none of us are stranger to. Puffiness, acne, scars, veins, discoloration, redness, irritation, dark circles, wrinkles, sun spots, uneven skin tone, and beyond. Totes PERF to cover anything causing you insecurity!

Plus it is SO easy to blend and super long lasting! It doesn’t cake up or appear that you’re wearing anything!

I’m telling you… it will become your all-in-one GO-TO to achieve an even complexion!

Some days we wake up feeling and looking perfect. #IWOKEUPLIKETHIS style. But on the regular, let’s be honest, it requires dedication and maintenance! So seriously, wherever you fall on the spectrum of makeup knowledge and artistry, it really does not matter. This foolproof beauty product is UNISEXXXY and {REPEAT!!!} an absolute MUST-HAVE for everyone!

For real.

Get it now, thank me later.

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