UNISEXXXY: PS is for Pocket Square

UNISEXXXY: PS is for Pocket Square

Featuring beautifully hand-crafted pocket squares from Chicago designers Peter Field and JoJo & Sofia, we decided to sprinkle some fun, creativity and personality into our style.

Because hey, why not??

Stepping outside the lines with a twist, LDiva and I added a bit of spice to our how-to-wear a pocket square. 

Now, pocket squares are not just reserved for formalwear or suiting. Instead, infusing a traditional and dressy piece into a casual look, like a jean jacket or a khaki coat, affords your relaxed basics a soft touch of elegance.

And you know my personal philosophy on personal style. Make it your own! LD and I challenged ourselves to find alternate ways to rock the square. Which isn’t so easy for a small  (albeit pretty awesome) piece of fabric.

Below, the diva displaying her cool camo pocket square as a bold hair accessory and then the divo using a button hole in the pocket a frayed vest to tie a festive bow.

P.S. — these squares will only run you $25-35 and when worn in both expressive and traditional ways, that’s a great cost-per-wear.

So color your look with prints and patterns… and own your style!

Breaking out of the box is my motivation, what sparks your innovation?

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Note: This post is not sponsored. Samples were provided for review.