UNISEXXXY: Just Dance! (ft. the Shiamak Bollywood Dancing workout)

UNISEXXXY: Just Dance! (ft. the Shiamak Bollywood Dancing workout)

Lifestyle, though subjective in one’s own definition, the majority agree it denotes interests, habits, routines, diet, social media usage, etc. For me, fitness included, of course.

When I break a sweat and feel the burn, I have three declarations with myself:

  1. I must look QUTE. As in cuter than cute! <wink>
  2. I must have FUN doing it!
  3. I must think (and work out) for myself and not look for others to commit to my workout.

In the past I fell in love with salsa lessons. Not one. Not two. But three times.

Expanding my dance palette, I craved a new challenge. A routine that would inspire and intrigue me.

Enter Bollywood. 

Taught by Shiamak trained instructors, Bhuvan Sharma and Devashree Pande.

 Shiamak is the world’s largest dance education movement which has enriched the lives of over a million dance enthusiasts across India, Canada, Australia, the United Arab Emirate and United Kingdom.

I. Loved. This. Workout.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why Shiamak Bollywood Dancing Rocked My World:

  1. Full body fitness.
  2. Two months of two classes/week trimmed two inches off my waistline.
  3. Therapeutic and the ultimate to destress.
  4. Muscles head-to-toe got a good stretch.
  5. Exposed me to, and connected me with, the beauty of the Indian culture.
  6. Engaged in collaborative prayer practice, centering the group’s focus. (Not to be confused with meditation.)
  7. Expanded my social relationships and sparked new friendships and professional relations. I became part of the Shiamak family.
  8. Brushed up on my confidence and swag on the dance floor. #Swerve!
  9. The music! It incorporates “jazz technique, ballet exercises, yoga asanas, dance therapy activities, [and] theatre arts.”
  10. Time away from everything else. Just to have fun!

And after two months of practicing, we not only had a blast working out, but we also united as a team.  Ready to showcase our dance routine at Vermillion. A chic, contemporary restaurant fusing Indian + Latin American cuisine. Turned HOT SPOT!

Paul Christopher_UNISEXXXY_Bollywood 1

Paul Christopher_UNISEXXXY_Bollywood 2

Paul Christopher_UNISEXXXY_Bollywood 3

Photos by Sneha Bhumit Photography and GlenGleePhotography

In sum, my takeaways support the ultimate focus of Shiamak’s dance expression: Mind. Body. Soul.

Rajesh Mansukhani, international head of PR and communication, shares:

Shiamak classes globally are well accepted and all who enroll become part of the Shiamak family. We have seen students all over the world and it’s so motivating for all of us to see how much the students learn and grow.

In my two month observation and practice, I can honestly say the energy is extremely welcoming and full of positive vibes. From college kids to office workers, all shapes, sizes, ages, and beyond are welcome and represented in this culturally-infused-dance-party-slash-fitness-workout.

Reinforcing Shiamak’s motto: Have Feet. Will Dance.

All are always supported to free their mind, let loose, have fun, absorb the vibrant energy filling the room and JUST DANCE! Judgement and competition do not exist in this space. Encouragement and positive reinforcement is all you will find. Accompanied by smiles, laughs, and really, really amazing music!

Deeba PatelLester Fernandes and Anitha Prakash will be running the next batch in New York for Winter Funk: Santa Goes to Bollywood, which I will be starting in two weeks! I look forward to bonding with the new instructors, as the weekly interaction with them and the peers in class truly enforces the feeling of belonging and family.

Fitness and one’s perspective on working out is a main element of lifestyle. Like fashion and beauty, I say keep your fitness uniSEXXXY. For you. Encouraging all to step out of the box and step in for a dance! Really, who doesn’t love a DANCE PARTY?!

THE UNISEXXX® BRAND: a label stripped of all labels

UNISEXXXY: universal beauty fashion design lifestyle



NOTE: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Classes were complimentary and provided for editorial consideration. Photos are property of DIVAlicious, unless otherwise noted.


Photo Credit: Sneha Bhumit Photography