UNISEXXXY: I wear women’s [waist trainers]

UNISEXXXY: I wear women’s [waist trainers]

Training to be a DIVA.  (I pretty much had that covered since birth. LC can relate.) More like…DIVA in training! No literally. Waist training!

Scary. I know!

My initial thoughts when I saw these things… Women are crazy! That looks awfully uncomfortable! How the heck do you fit in that?!

But intrigue won me over.

Time to put this sh*t on! Would I survive more than a few minutes? Would I even be able to get this over my waist? How will I breathe?!



Me neither.

But, full disclosure, I am wearing a *male* waist trainer in the photo above.

And it’s… merely a snug vest. Picture a tight fitting vest that shrunk in the dryer.

Nothing like the dramatic waist cinching I’d seen with the female versions.

So I changed directions. Yes, I swung the other way!

And started my real training with LC.




Photos by Paris Pullen 

As you can see, it’s very hard and serious work :)

It’s been said to me by more than one person during this trial period in an exclamatory – rhetorical – sorta way, But I don’t get it. ..Paul, you can’t really lose weight by wearing that though?!


You can lose water weight for sure and reduce bloating. And it’s constrictive so you’d likely eat less with it on.

But more, the waist trainer helps to mold your body’s shape. Think silhouette, not size.

Body contour.

I’ve consistently worn the waist trainer since mid October. Some weeks more than others, but on average 2-3x per week. For 7-9 hours a time on weekdays, 3-4 hours a time on weekends. And over the course of the last 3-4 months, I see a definite shift in my body’s shape. I also feel a sense of accomplishment every time I squeeze into it! And feel like I just won a body fitness contest every time it comes off!

Like all things, repetition delivers results. You need to wear it regularly for it to work.

Might I suggest wearing one to your dayjob. Sounds like a free fitness challenge and doesn’t take any extra time to commit to! With it on, you’ll notice improved form and posture. And under clothing, an enhanced shape. For women, an exaggerated hourglass. For men, that desired V-shape.

Doesn’t get any more UNISEXXXY than that!

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