Beauty HOT Seat: Colleen Runne

Beauty HOT Seat: Colleen Runne

Name: Colleen Runne’
Profession: Makeup Artist


Beauty product every diva should have: Several diva must-haves — Korres Vitamin E Face Primer/Silicone Free, my absolute favourite primer for the skin. It preps the skin for perfect makeup application and/or can be used as a light moisturizer.  Korres Body Butter in Fig, one of the best moisturizers and the models LOVE it backstage at the shows.  Shiseido’s Benefiance Lip Treatment, does more than a basic lip balm. MAC Haute and Naughty Mascara, the dbl wand makes for perfect mascara application.  Shiseido’s Perfect Rouge in PK331 Divine – it’s the perfect shade of hot pink and the name is even better!

Beauty tool you can’t live without: Shiseido’s small shadow brush. One the most versatile brushes around; it shades, blends, lines and if you have more than one, it makes a terrific lip brush as well.

Beauty buzzword we should know: Beautiful, effortless skin.  Skin should look believeable/ touchable after foundation, not a “mask”.  After mositurizer & primer, apply foundation with a damp base sponge, Alcone Latex Free or the fab Beauty Blender. By using a damp sponge you create a “wash” of foundation that evens out tone, but doesn’t smother the skin.  Follow with concealer taking out the red areas around the nose, blemishes, under eye area BUT avoid right under lower lash area, makes shadow/liner muddy!

Beauty icon you live for: Julianne Moore – a timeless beauty, amazing actress and style icon

Beauty tip or trick we’ll seriously love you for sharing: 1. Line the upper lash line first with a black pencil (navy, plum or dark brown is ok too). Make sure to get into the lash line that there is no gap. Blend the line with a small fluff brush(Shiseido’s is perfect) THEN apply your shadow over the liner.  This gives weight to the eye without the rigid line. Also by layering your shadow over the pencil, it creates another shade. Apply mascara AFTER your shadow and have powdered your skin. 2. Apply a combination of Shiseido’s Luminizing Satin Face Colour WT905 and BE 206, apply along upper cheek bone and under eye to create a beautiful halo of luminous skin. It also acts as concealer by deflecting darkness/puffiness under eyes. Follow with a pop of blush on cheek. For darker skin tones, use only BE206.

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