Diva Dish: Divas Reign Supreme

Diva Dish: Divas Reign Supreme

Picked up a Sheen Supreme today, MAC’s new lipstick that offers a light mousse texture without compromising color payoff. It’s pretty amazing.

I expected it to be like the new Chanel Rouge Coco Shine (which I also LOVE and just bought in Evasion and Sari D’Eau) but the Cocos are more like hybrid gloss-sticks that are buildable for strong color but can also go on as a shiny wash.

The Supremes are pure color in a light texture. A totally different (and in my opinion stronger) beast.

I left MAC Soho with Full Speed –

But if they weren’t out of stock, Insanely It would have also been in the bag. Literally.

And for my unwavering nudists, there’s Supremely Confident. Like a souffle version of Myth.

All my ladies, reign supreme!!