Beauty HOT Seat: Suzy Gerstein

Beauty HOT Seat: Suzy Gerstein

Name: Suzy Gerstein
Profession: Makeup Artist

Beauty product every diva should have: RMS Lip-to-Cheek in Rapture- a blood red that looks scary in the package but adds instant life to the face when fanned onto the cheeks and dotted on the inside of the lips, even over your nude lipstick.  It makes me look about 5 years younger and 5 hours more rested!  It is a tie between that and Tarte Lipsurgence Natural Lip Tint in Lust- which I also wear on cheeks and lips even though it’s made for lips.  I swear whenever I have this on people say what are you wearing?!!

Beauty tool you can’t live without: Alcone Sponges

Beauty Buzzword we should know: Act Natural!  I am a huge fan of organic lines like RMS, Tata Harper and Tarte that have are effective and have a conscience about what we put on our bodies and on the planet.

Beauty Icon you live for: Tie between my late Grandma Shirley Bogart and my Grandma Dorothy Gerstein.  And I love the wayPaloma Picasso did her red lips in the 80s.

Beauty Tip or Trick we seriously love you for sharing: To set your brows in place without the severity of a pencil or the flatness of a powder, grab a black mascara (water-proof if you have it) and tissue off 80% of the product.  Then run the wand up through your brows, paying special attention to the more sparse areas and tops of arches where you can really lift and define the shape.  And viola, you have groomed your brows and lifted your face in 2 seconds without a separate brow product!

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