Beauty HOT SEAT: Joy Fennell

Beauty HOT SEAT: Joy Fennell

Name: Joy Fennell
Profession: Makeup Artist


Beauty product every diva should have: My fave go-to product is MAC Smolder Pencil. This pencil is so versatile. It’s great when creating very elaborate makeup but also works equally well when doing a 2-sec smoky eye. Now this product does have a tendency to slide a little so if you’re not into looking like you just woke up from a “night at the club” smoky eye (which I personally love, lol), then simply set it with a black shadow like MAC Carbon.

Beauty tool you can’t live without: I can’t live without my Beauty Blender. I simply love it. You can use it wet or dry. If you want more product, then leave it dry – otherwise if you want more of a soft, seamless finish, using it wet will be your best bet. You can use it with any liquid (like foundations, concealers), cream (blush, eyeshadows, etc) or even dry product (powders). I literally think it’s one of the best new beauty products created within the last decade.

Beauty buzzword we should know: Flawless. But not in the traditional sense of the word. For me, I would like women to embrace their “flaws” and look at themselves as being flawless even before the makeup goes on. You’re already flawless the moment you sit in my chair, if you ask me! I’m there to enhance your already existing beauty.

Beauty icon you live for: I live for my mother! I’ve always considered her my beauty icon. She’s so ultra-feminine with an amazing soul to match. And to be honest, my mother doesn’t listen to any of my makeup suggestions but that’s okay in my book… she’s still a hot mama! :) And who am I to change what’s worked for her in all of her years on this earth. Oh and I would love to add one more if that’s ok — RuPaul. I’m always in awe when I look at him, I mean his makeup is always killer!!! [DIVALICIOUS NOTE: LDiva agrees!!]

Beauty tip or trick we’ll seriously love you for sharing: Hmmm…now what do I have up my sleeve?!? Oh ok, here’s a trick that I learned from a big-dog makeup artist  that I’ll share with you: after applying eyeshadow, clean up any fall-out by dabbing a little foundation onto your foundation brush and blending it back and forth right under the eye into the already existing base that you applied. Blend until the fall out disappears and off you go!

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