Diva Dish: Not Always The Time To Shine

Diva Dish: Not Always The Time To Shine

For my girls (and boys) who struggle with shine – and not the purposeful dewy gorgeous glowing variety – do I have the product for you?!!

I typically have normal skin with some shine in the T-zone only during summer months. But lately I’ve been using Retin A (more to come on all that!! it’s been an adventure) and with that PLUS my Clarisonic, my skin is super exfoliated. Which is great because texturally it’s perfect….. buttttt, not gonna lie, it’s leaving me a lil’ oily.

Which I’m just not going to put up with.

Sooooo, I’m now using my beloved and super nourishing Embryolisse at night only and for day I’ve switched to…. (drumroll)….

MAC Oil Control Lotion!!

It’s super light and while it’s mattifying, it’s not drying and still leaves me with my natural (yet toned down) glow.

And it’s made a world of difference since I picked it up on Monday. I think it’s gonna be my lifesaver this summer.

Basically $30 bucks and I’d even pay double or triple.