Beauty HOT Seat: Nercy Sullivan

Beauty HOT Seat: Nercy Sullivan

Name: Nercy Sullivan
Profession: Hair Stylist


Beauty product every diva should have: BAREX STYLING GLAZE – This is a weightless styling gel that leaves the hair feeling healthy and bouncy without any residue, like a stylist did it every time.

Beauty tool you can’t live without: Triangle Brush CR 100 PRO –  It has a metal body with holes so the air goes through it allowing the hair to dry faster, while the metal heats up adding volume and definition to the hair. The three dimensions in the brush help avoid the round, conservative helmet-head look that round brushes tend to give.

Beauty buzzword we should know: Joy – have you ever seen a joyful person who is not beautiful!

Beauty icon you live for: KATHARINE HEPBURN for her strong as an oak personality plus incredible beauty inside and out.

Beauty tip or trick we’ll seriously love you for sharing: When drying your hair, start by applying Barex Styling Glaze (about a nickel size amount). Rub it in your hands and apply it from the roots to the ends evenly. Continue directing the hair opposite to the way it grows to allow more movement. Protect the ends at all times by blocking the ends with your fingers. Dry your hair to about 90% completion. Then use the triangle brush, making radial sections so you don’t go over the same hair more than once. At the end, seal the ends by using a touch of Barex Cristalli Liquidi.

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