REVIEW: BITE Honey Lip Lacquer

REVIEW: BITE Honey Lip Lacquer


On a day-to-day basis, my beauty regimen consists of Pond’s BB Cream (which I reviewed in August), Shiseido‘s powdered foundation, Sephora’s waterproof liquid eyeliner, Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara, and one from the armada of Victoria’s Secret lipglosses I have stashed in my makeup bag. However BITE Honey Lip Lacquer in GAMAY has easily become the go-to lip gloss for me! 

BITE’s highly pigmented, flat (not glittery!) finish makes it a great choice to smack on if you’re looking to touch up after working out at the gym or before rushing out of the house in the morning. It applies smoothly with just enough stick to stain your lips a soft, perky, natural pink color.

FUN FACT! GAMAY is the name of a purple grape used to make wine. However, this shade is most certainly more deep pink than purple.

To get the full effect of the color, you need only go over your lips with one coat. It’s recommended by Sephora to apply in the middle and spread outwards along your lips. The wand works comfortably, especially because the matte cap allows for a good grip. Seems like a small thing, but it beats squeezing your lip gloss out of a tube!

According to Sephora, BITE’s Honey Lip Lacquer:

  • contains anti-aging benefits
  • smoothens fine lines and wrinkles with every application
  • provides extended 8-hour moisture-rich wear and waterproofing benefits

That’s quite a bit to promise.

Considering the fact that I don’t have any fine lines or wrinkles around my lips to begin with and my fight against aging is still in the process, I will be focusing my efforts on verifying the last bullet point. 

I’ve got a terrible habit of licking my lips (good thing the gloss tastes good!) so I have definitely had to reapply every 4 hours instead of every 8 hours. I can, however, definitely vouch for its moisturizing properties. It’s one of the most hydrating lip glosses I’ve ever used. Victoria’s Secret wins on price ($9 as opposed to $24), but those tend to dry my lips out.

As you can see in the shameless selfie below, about two hours after I applied BITE, my lips were still smooth and evenly coated.

For the above on-the-go look, I wear the lip gloss alone. However, Ive found that it also serves well as a topcoat for a red-violet lipstick, creating a deeper, darker shade thats perfect for a night on the town.

As I mentioned before, one Honey Lacquer sells at $24. If you’re trying to save, this is a splurge, not a bargain. But if you have the cash and want a reliable lip gloss, I say BITE is worth putting it down for. 

– Kate

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  1. Jessica Angeles

    SO beautiful! I’ve honestly never heard of this brand before, but regardless it sounds like it’s worth trying out. Great review, girl!