THE DISH WITH DDR: Celeb Scents….I Actually Like ( GASP!!)

THE DISH WITH DDR: Celeb Scents….I Actually Like ( GASP!!)

Usually when a celeb comes out with a fragrance I’m not impressed, nor do I want to wear it.  It’s like a reverse appeal. However, truth be told, I’m quite captivated by these…

Celine Dion Sensational Eau De Toilette

It’s a late spring afternoon, tea date… captured in a delicate oval bottle.  Celine Dion Sensational is a fresh scent, that hints at musky after it settles in to your skin, but a gentle musk with pear, freesia, jasmine, apple and rose.  Mmm delishhhh!


Halle Berry Closer Eau de Parfum

Now, Halle Berry’s parfum is on ANOTHER LEVEL.  Halle’s scent was meant to be a fragrance for women that would intrigue and entice, and it does EXACTLY that.  This scent is the ultimate scent of attraction!  Wild Raspberry, Cedarwood and Vanilla Bean are some of the notes in this rare blend.  The sleek, suggestive bottle is a perf representation of what lies inside.    

Faith Hill’s Soul 2 Soul Eau De Toilette (my personal fave)

Perhaps because it evokes this romantic, undying love you would feel for your “one and only” (whom you just want to smell delightful for)… or maybe it’s just the velvety scents of peach mixed with grapefruit mixed with sandalwood.  Whatever it is, I adore it!  The packaging is lovely as well, with its sophisticated gold and pearl white bottle.  Faith, you sold me!