Cruelty-Free Clean with Out of Africa Shea Soaps

Cruelty-Free Clean with Out of Africa Shea Soaps

Bar soaps are one of my guilty pleasures. In a world where body washes and bath bombs have made tubs an oasis to escape to, sometimes the bar soap takes a back seat. Not in my bathroom! Bar soaps give me a different type of clean that, to me, surpasses the floofy world of bath glamour that we live in! Let’s get back to basics, shall we? Out of Africa Shea gets us there with their two newest soaps: Apricot Kernel Exfoliating Bar and their Green Clay Detoxifying Bar.

Let’s start at the top. Their packaging and the bar itself is appealing and easy to hold in the hand. I really liked their earthy designs and the feel of the soaps. You could tell that their shea was high quality and ready for action. The soaps were smooth, creamy, and both of the varieties I received for testing were not overly scented, so sensitive noses can rejoice! Additionally, their Shea is unrefined AND a portion of all proceeds are donated to help children receive educational opportunities in West Africa! A truely cruelty-free company!

The  Green Clay Detoxifying Bar was the first soap I tried. This soap claims to help remove toxins and impurities from the skin to keep it healthy & looking youthful. I also liked that it was made with actual decomposed plant material and that green clay is nutrient-rich and can act as pore minimizer. I have large pores on my face and oily skin in general, especially when the summer hits. This soap really made me feel clean WITHOUT stripping the moisture from my skin. It was gentle, but also effective. I also wanted these soaps to get rich with lather and they do! The Green Clay Detoxifying Bar feels luxurious and lasted over a month in a busy shower! :) 

Out of these two, the second,  Apricot Kernel Exfoliating Bar, was my favorite in this pair. I am a sucker for a good scrub, especially before beach season and tanning season! The kernels in this soap give a great scrub. Any bumps on the backs of legs, arms, or dry skin leftover from winter is no match for this Shea, vitamin, scrubby packed powerhouse! This soap truly revives and wakes up your skin! Like the green clay, this soap lathered well and lasted a long time. Overall, my skin felt awoken, clean, and pampered!

I’m a nut for Shea (get it?, heh), but if you haven’t jumped on the Shea butter bandwagon, Out of Africa is the brand to get you started! Have you tried Shea products yet?

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