DAILY DIVA: D-licious

DAILY DIVA: D-licious

My dear friend D, now my model and muse, thought she couldn’t wear bright makeup because of her big blue eyes and pale olive skin.

So we spent a day playing with color with the intention of proving her wrong… and making her drop dead gorgeous.

The look we achieved was so fun and totally rock-n-roll (electric purple enhanced with browns for eye, a pale nude lip and flawless, soft skin).  In fact, it was such an ode to brights, we decided to shoot the finished beauty look outside in NYC amidst a kaleidoscope of urban colors.

D loved her new look so much, she didn’t want to wash it off come bedtime. And I couldn’t blame her.  She looked radiant but sultry, glamorous but badass. And she clearly felt that way too. She was stealing glances at herself in reflective surfaces all day and hitting poses for her little blogger friend :)  

 What do you think?

Can blue go bright??