DAILY DIVA: Easy on the Eyes

DAILY DIVA: Easy on the Eyes

Women tell me constantly they don’t have time to do their makeup.

And I’d like to, politely, call bullshit.

Armed with the right tools and techniques, a pretty palette can be produced within minutes.

Sure, I can spend over two hours perfecting a bridal beauty look – that’s when it counts and is absolutely necessary.  But I can also stipple some shimmer and line some lids in under 60 seconds flat. 

Don’t believe me? Just wait til I start uploading video.

Until then… here is a basic eye look that took less than a min.  (And the rest of the face took but a few more.)

Deconstructing the 60 Second Eye

Start with a Stila Convertible Eye Color.  This ingenious product has a liner on one end, a smudger on the other, and shadow in between.  I’ve blogged about it before and used Stone here.

Line lower lashline fully from outer to inner corner. 

Line upper lashline on the outer quarter only.  (Literally think of the length of your eye as four individual quarters and just line the very outer fourth.)

Twist the convertible stick to release shadow and simply sweep across lids from lashline to crease.  Be sure to blend into the eyeliner on top so there is no longer a defined line.

Dust MAC eyeshadow in Shroom in the area above the crease right to the brow and down through the inner corner.  If you have a nice medium-sized fluffy brush, this can be done in one quick motion.

Then finish the look with Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara in Very Black.