DAILY DIVA: Dash Inspired. Lash Required.

DAILY DIVA: Dash Inspired. Lash Required.


Hellllllloooooo DIVAS!

Intern Brittany, back for more…

Last week I blogged about how I admire Kourtney Kardashian and her style.  This week LDiva  thought it might be fun to emulate her beauty look on moi! My thoughts – Hooray for me!

Anyone familiar with pop culture knows that Kourtney’s makeup look consists mostly of a gorgeous glow on her skin, a perfectly peachy lip and smoldering smoky eye. HELLO! Who wouldn’t want that?

Well, when I tell you I loved this look, trust me, it isn’t even about the love for Kourtney anymore; it’s the love for the makeup itself. It came out that awesome♥.

I don’t think I can put it into words; you just need to see for yourself! 

It consisted of a combination of colors that I would normally wear day to day, with a Kardashian twist.  It’s no wonder this is a signature Kardashian look, I too want to wear my makeup this way all the time!

The best part is we did it in 10 minutes flat — minus the break time to snap pictures for us to share with you Divas.

OH! And wait, on top of the fab makeup treatment LDiva gave me – I also had my first experience with false eyelashes! I had seen people wearing them and always thought they looked great, I just assumed that to look that good, they must be annoying to wear.  Ladies, I was so, so wrong. They went on easy as pie and stayed on, and I even had moments I forgot I was wearing them. (BTW- LDiva told me that if I wanted to, I could keep them on for another day if I was very careful when taking my eye makeup off around them – is that not awesome?!).  Even better, they came off just as easy as they went on.  I couldn’t have been more impressed or excited.  Needless to say, that won’t be my last time with those falsies.

And so, that concludes another wonderfully productive day for us at Divalicious,

Ta-Ta, for now.