DAILY DIVA: Nikki Lashed Out

DAILY DIVA: Nikki Lashed Out

Did my girl Nikki’s makeup on Saturday before a verrrry fun night out at 1534 in Soho… then Villa Pacri lounge in Meatpacking… then my place for after-hours… because at 4:30am with good company the party should not have to stop ;)

Anyhoooooo – back to the makeup. The surefire way to kickstart a wild night: FAKE LASHES.

They look va-va-voom and they feel va-va-VOOOOOOOM.

You can simply bat them at yourself in a mirror for a good time.

But we were takin them to the streets.

NOTE: Rather than apply a full strip, I cut a pair into pieces and glued half of them on with space in between for a really flirty, feathery effect.

And because Nikki has been cracking me up literally since middle school, I coated her lips in one of my faves - MAC Silly Girl lipglass. No other shade could better match her fun and spirited personality.