DAILY DIVA: Give ‘Em Some Lip

DAILY DIVA: Give ‘Em Some Lip

A lot of friends and clients tell me they love a red lip… on someone else.

Kind of interesting – so lately I’ve been looking into some reasons for this.

Here they are.

1. Requires skill to apply.

2. Won’t stay put and will end up all over my face.

3. Will require constant reapplication.

4. I’ll look clown-like.

5. I’m more comfortable with a nude lip.

Ok, ok.

And while I’d never push a beauty trend on anyone who has reservations (unless it’s a close friend I have the ability to pin down), I would like to say that the right red lip paired with the right total beauty look equals one thing – POWER. And that feeling is well worth learning how to do it right, keep it in place, make it last, make it natural, and make it comfortable.

The best part – it’s such a bold choice that you don’t have to do much else for full-force glamour. A little bronzer, a lot of eyeliner and a ton of mascara = RET TO GO!