DIVA DISH: Ten Ten in Twenty Ten

DIVA DISH: Ten Ten in Twenty Ten

I got me a new jewelry making and repair spot in 2010 and I’m sooooo happy.

After Femmegems left the hood, I was pretty distraught.

Not like this place is in a neighborhood I’m so happy to frequent (dead smack in the heart of Times Square), but a walkable distance from my office and prices so low any cab fare is justified.

Anyhooooooo – much like clothing, I’m the queen of alterations with jewelry. 

Who says, por ejemplo, if the necklace is 36″ you can’t shorten it to 30″ so as to not allow it to obnoxiously situate itself in the middle of your not-so-small ta-tas all day long despite your repositioning efforts? 

Why struggle,wasting precious morning minutes when you’re probably already late, to clasp a bracelet when you can simply get a new clasp?

Why not, if a pair of earrings is outdated, take the stones and make something entirely new?

I do this with clothing all the time and it works wonders because me & my tailor are a killer team. Marco is my man. If it won’t work, he tells me but he also offers other solutions and ideas. The same is true of Kat at Genuine Ten Ten

I’m the kind of girl who wants what she wants, if you haven’t gathered as much so far. I love someone who can give me exactly what I want, but even more, I love a pro in the field with an even better idea. Take it up a notch. Surprise me. Wow me.

I brought a not-so-valuable necklace to Genuine Ten Ten as a test piece and they did such a great job that I went back the very next day with 3 more plus 1 from a friend. Hers was from her grandmother and one of mine was from my Great Aunt Millie, who is my heart more than you could imagine. I actually agonized a bit leaving the stones there. My dry cleaner just lost a favorite pair of jeans of mine… would they lose Millhouse’s  long beaded rose quartz necklace?? But as my aunt would be first to say, there’s nothing worse than having beautiful jewelry and not wearing it. So I left with faith in Kat. And Kat delivered.

I picked up the goods today and was overjoyed. 

Beyond simple repairs and alterations, the store is a kaleidoscope of beautiful semiprecious stones and beads. I’m already designing some resort and spring pieces in my mind…

 Genuine Ten Ten @ 1012 Avenue of the Americas btwn 37th & 38th Street * 212 221 1173 * Open Mon-Fri 10:30-7:30, Sat 11-6:30, Sun 12-6:30