Diva Dish: Braving the Storm – City Girl Survival Guide

Diva Dish: Braving the Storm – City Girl Survival Guide

NYC girls get around … town!! …. using the subway, bus and as Jay Z distinguishes – yellow cab, gypsy cab, dollar cab.

But when a blizzard strikes, sometimes the best bet is to stay close to home and simply get around on two well-soled and well-protected feet.

Of course this principle didn’t come to mind last night when I ran out to Whole Foods to pick up some snacks for a guest and some remedies for a sick friend. I didn’t think much of the weather when I hit the streets in some sneakers. I figured they were better than my heels. Only a few blocks away and my feet were totally dusted in snow, not to mention the few near wipe-outs I had. Perhaps not so practical, or functional, or smart.

Especially since I got these admittedly borderline-sensible Kamik’s last year and have never once worn them even though they take up precious space hidden in the back of my closet. Best believe they’ll accompany me on my commute tomorrow morning.

I was so annoyed by my lack of city-sensibility, that I made use of the time shacked up inside on a Saturday night to buy two more pairs of  winter warrior boots.  I intend to make good use of them, and even the forgotten Kamiks too.

I love these grey smoke OTK boots because my skinny jeans, leggings or tights will fit snugly inside them and since the wedge is so minimal, they’ll function as flats. While not my top choice for a wintry mix (due to minimal sole gripping),  they’re absolutley perfect for comfortably trekking around town in arctic temps! 

And these black wedge Elsey Uggs are actually attractive despite their all-weather classification.

Turns out, if you want snow or rain boots that are even close to cute, prepare to pay a pretty penny.  These were $300 as compared to the $70 Kamiks. But in the event that a shoe switch isn’t possible once you arrive at your destination, a cute boot is mandatory.

So when you’re up at Brooklyn, when you’re down in Tribeca, right next to Di Nero, you can be sure you’re lookin good foreva.