I’ve been wearing a whole lot of little black dresses lately – accessorized with either a major statement necklace or chunky cocktail ring, heels or OTK boots, red lips or smoky eyes.

Some are asymetrical one-shoulder goddess styles, some are micro mini requiring stockings or leggings styles, some are frighteningly form fitting styles and some are simply strapless styles.

But whatever the style, there is always some skin.

And while I keep that skin as tight as I can come summertime, it’s not always its tightest come seasonal soirees.

Which is why I love working where I do.

Right in time for holiday season, we are launching an iphone app just for girls like us – who work out to look good (and sometimes begrudgingly).

Our latest app, called The LBD Workout, is available now on itunes for $1.99.  It brilliantly offers area spot-training so that no matter what your little black dress reveals, you’ll have all the confidence to show it off.

Why stress over getting into perfect shape head-to-toe? Little Black Dress provides 12 total body strength training and cardio workouts specifically designed to sculpt, shrink, and strengthen a women’s figure in all the right spots — ideal for slipping into whichever little black dress style you desire this holiday party season.   

Slipping out on the town in a halter?  Select the workout plan that promises the sexiest shoulders and back.

Hitting the party circuit in an asymmetrical one-shoulder LBD?  You’ll be given step-by-step instructions for getting your biceps and triceps in tip-top shape.

Rocking a mini? We’ve got the lower-body moves to flaunt those gams.

Any true diva knows fitness is a means to fashion. 

And I’m so excited because this is the first-ever app that delivers custom fitness AND fashion advice together.  It’s like having your very own personal trainer and stylist right there in your pocket.

LBD features step-by-step still images AND video/audio content to make workouts easier than ever. And, all our apps include tools that enable users to log, track and share their fitness programs with others.   

The only bad thing about it is that you can only get it on the iphone and ipod touch!! I may just have to make the switch…

NOTE: I can’t stand when people have nothing to talk about other than their jobs, but lately my life has been my job with the upcoming launch of SHAPEbride on Valentine’s Day and now these amazing iphone apps -  so I apologize… But if I didn’t LOVE it,  I wouldn’t share it. Bible – as the Kardashians would say.