DAILY DIVA: Green Galore

DAILY DIVA: Green Galore


Hello DIVAS!

Tuesday was a very exciting day at the beauty studio.  Lauren showed me all the new goodies she picked up at MAC PRO on Monday, and we got to test and play with them together!  Obviously a Divalicious fiesta!

LDiva got to work, constructing a sexy sage smoky eye on me.  The colors came from a new MAC palette called Photo Realism – which is an eye shadow quad.  The palette itself is not available online, but you can shop at MAC and customize your own full of sultry shades!

This palette consisted of a light metallic green and a medium sage green plus a dark greenish-grey for the liner and outer corner and a golden champagne for highlighting. 

Before the makeup even hit my face, I knew this would be a color combination I would LOVE, and once I saw the completed look, LOVE it I did.  Lauren paired this sage smoky eye with a nude lip, which I am always partial too.  All together, the look was fabulous.  It was too bad I had no plans that night!!

I am seriously bummed that this palette is not for sale online, but I am 10x’s more excited to go to MAC and “make up” my own!

WAIT… there’s more….

I cannot tell you enough how much I loved this look, but I can’t forget to share an insider secret.

Lauren used a special product to intensify the powder shadows.  It’s called Duwop Payoff and it’s seriously my new obsession.  If you haven’t tried it, you must! It is available online at Sephora.

By adding just a drop of this magical serum to the eye shadow powder, it allows the particles to bond together to form a long lasting and brighter pigmented color.  How amazing is that?!

Also, something I am really beginning to love is the highlighting and contouring effect LDiva applied to my face which you can see in the pictures.  This is not something I typically do, but I love the way it brightens up my face without feeling like there’s layers of makeup on my skin (yuck!).

Really awesome day for us divas at Divalicious, and so happy to be able to share it with you!


MAC – Photo Realism Pallet; eye shadow x4 (Photo Realism, Fresh Approach, Image Maker, and Grey Range)

Duwop – Payoff

Makeup For Ever – lipstick in Rouge Artist 24

MAC – lipglass in Clear

Makeup For Ever– waterproof lip liner pencil in 1C