Daily Diva: MARAlicious (A Makeup Lesson in Pictures)

Daily Diva: MARAlicious (A Makeup Lesson in Pictures)

Did makeup on the naturally beautiful Miss Mara (a good friend of DIVAlicious Member Kelly Rice) and in the process a few makeup thoughts and tips came to mind. Figured I would share them with you.

Hey… spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way!

1. A big transformation (like no makeup to evening makeup) doesn’t require a caked-on or heavy look. It’s not necessarily that less is more, it’s that FRESH is more. Radiant flawless skin, awake yet defined eyes, lush lips.

2. The best canvas is well primed. Makeup will glide over smooth supple skin once you prep with skincare and/or a makeup primer best for your skin condition. On Mara I used Embryolisse. For someone with shine concerns or oily skin, I may use a mattifying product. For someone with rosacea, possibly a redness-reducing primer. For someone with very dry skin, maybe a facial oil. For more mature skin, something super nourishing. And so on.

3. If you are going to highlight and contour, and it can make a world of difference, use a buffing brush and BLEND. Then blend some more. We’ve all seen the markup/placement charts. They should never come to mind when someone sees your makeup. Make it seamless.

4. Just as dark recedes and light comes forward with highlighting and contouring, matte recedes and shimmery comes forward in terms of finishes. So, for example, you can use a shimmery light eyeshadow along with a matte dark eyeshadow to create depth on the eyes. On Mara I used a sparkly gold with a flat black. Again, remember to blend. Then blend some more.

5. There are a million gorgeous shades out there and you probably know those that work best for you – but NO lipstick, lipgloss, lip balm or lip stain will look good if lips aren’t soft and conditioned. On Mara I used a glossy peach on her lips to compliment the peach cream blush. You can use any shade you personally love. But before applying, please give your lips some TLC. Exfoliate. Repair. Moisturize. Give ’em the works. Otherwise why draw attention there.

6. Once you are looking GORGE, don’t ruin it with overzealous touch-ups throughout the day or night. Let the makeup settle a bit. If you want to set your face with a touch of translucent powder over the T-zone or a finishing spray, go for it. But all you should need after for maintenance is a clean makeup sponge or  blotting papers to lift off shine (press, never wipe), your lip product and maybe the eyeliner. Good to go!



  1. Rose Cosenza

    What’s an easy way to exfoliate the lips?  The lips seem to be the last thing I think to prep.  

  2. 1s64c6tyn5njy

    What’s an easy way to exfoliate the lips?  The lips seem to be the last thing I think to prep.  

  3. Lauren Cosenza

    I like a sugar scrub best but you can also pick up a lip exfoliatior stick (looks like a lipstick). XOLC