DAILY DIVA: NYX Mom Makeover

DAILY DIVA: NYX Mom Makeover

While down in Florida last month, I couldn’t help but give my mom the DIVA treatment.

Using just this NYX Love in Florence palette in Ciao Bella ($8) and NYX Butter Gloss in Crême Brulee ($5), along with her own foundation, she was made over in minutes.

I created this look for her for a few reasons.

First, I think women over a certain age often stop having fun with makeup and see it more as something for correcting and concealing. Something functional. Or they think it draws attention to their problem areas so they just abandon it. It was really nice to make Rosy look glamorous and see how it instantly changed her vibe and confidence level. We had fun creating the look (in less than 10 minutes, mind you) and I know she is excited now to play with the palette and try out different shade combos.

Two, Rosy and many other “mature” women also rarely add color (particularly dark smoky color) below the lower lashline. They fear adding color there because they once read the rule that it takes away from the lifting that can be done with proper placement of eyeshadow on the upper lid. I say screw the rules. Something I actually learned from my mom. Clearly, in this instance because the full eye is lined and the dark color extends around the outer corner and blends into the center of the upper lid, there is no drooping or aging effect or illusion.

The look actually popped her pretty blue eyes and brought out her inner hot tamale. And right in time for her sundown martini. 


Note: I color corrected these photos because the natural sunlight made the walls a little yellow (oh Boca problems!!) but otherwise left the images totally raw. No retouching necessary for my mama!

Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Samples were provided for review and/or my use as a professional makeup artist.

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  1. 1pa0jzf46trwx


    It was meant for me to find you! 2 seconds after I signed up, the post with your Mom came up.

    I am 61, post chemo, and just starting my second life and it’s amazing! Definitely not our grandmothers’ life!

    So, thank you for any advice, turorial, etc. Your Momma, I am very sure, is so proud of you!

    I live in FL, so any suggestions for brands that work, especially concealers (power surges, don’t you know….) is greatly appreciated.

    Enjoy Boca!!


  2. GaYoung Kwon

    She is the cuuuutest :) I really love this! (And of course, my love for NYX is definitely not a secret at this point)

  3. 3ooy7hsa8aj4a

    She is the cuuuutest :) I really love this! (And of course, my love for NYX is definitely not a secret at this point)

  4. Lauren Cosenza

    Thank you so much for this note!! I was so touched to read it. I got a little teary-eyed, actually :) Of course I’m already thinking when I’m in Boca next we should do a look and a lesson!!

    As for concealers, what are you looking to cover? Or are you looking to brighten? I recommend several for different needs.

    For undereye brightening, for example, I love YSL Touché Éclat. But for total coverage I really like It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye, particularly for dry skin or applied over fine lines and wrinkles (it is made with collagen so it has bounce and won’t settle into the lines).

    Tell me a little more and I can better help!! And any other things you’re looking for too…


    PS: Congrats on completing the chemo. Survivor strong is always beautiful!!

  5. Rose Cosenza

    Yes, I am very proud of her.  I am also inspired by you and your message.  Thank you.

    Lauren’s Momma

  6. 1s64c6tyn5njy

    Yes, I am very proud of her.  I am also inspired by you and your message.  Thank you.

    Lauren’s Momma

  7. Lauren Cosenza



  8. Lauren Cosenza

    Love you, mom.


  9. Suzanne Cosenza

    Rosy looks beautiful!!! Xo

  10. 01lddkjjkjnby

    Rosy looks beautiful!!! Xo

  11. 0m1agcw3176lo

    Like mother like daughter-beautiful!!!

  12. 1pa0jzf46trwx


    I thank both your and your Mom for the kind and thoughtful replies. I will always refer to both your messages, especially on those challenging days!

    Concealers: I have used IT Bye-Bye without good results. But, I imagine that was due to the amateur MUA !  Will try using a Beauty Blender.

    I am always open to being a “guinea pig” and would love to meet you!

    Again, much thanks, And, I look forward to following you every day! (So much to learn!!!)


  13. Lauren Cosenza

    Hi Edna!!

    I will definitely reach out when I’m back in Florida! A makeup date is in order :)

    As for concealer, what is your goal (to cover dark/sun spots, to reduce under-eye circles, cancel out blue veins, etc)? This info will help. I can also show you in person the different types and uses of concealers, plus which shades to pick based on the specific need – and of course a few application tricks. 

    There is so much to learn – and I always hope to make it fun, especially with things that previously may have frustrated (like finding the right concealer). And sometimes it’s not about covering one area but using techniques to draw the eye to another. Good stuff!


  14. Lauren Cosenza



  15. Lauren Cosenza

    We’re not going down without a fight ;) Getting older, getting better!


  16. 1pa0jzf46trwx


    Here goes:   1) Hide red/blue circles @ inner/mid eye                     

                          2) A concealer that doesn’t settle into fine lines/ look dry

                          3) One that stays put when I am “glowing”,   i.e. sweating like a p-i-g

                          4) Lid/undereye primer that holds on hooded eyes

    Silver hair, blue eyes, fair/med combo skin, prone to breakouts. Use Badescu eye cream.

     I just realized… chemo made me a teen again!!!

    Now, enjoy your day! This is not emergent, by any means.




  17. 372pxizqolv1f

    I love the way Rosy looks! She always looks great but this is fabulous! Who would have thought that for 8 bucks one can get such a great look. You are truly a genius!

  18. Lauren Cosenza

    Thanks Martha!! There’s a ton of beauty innovation at the drugstore level thanks to improving technology. Not everything is there yet, but it’s better than ever.


  19. Lauren Cosenza

    Love it Edna!!

    Some ideas (until we meet)….

    1. You can try color corrective concealers to mask discoloration (yellow cancels out blue, green cancels out red). Graftobian and Make Up For Ever make these. I think yellow under the eyes often helps and brightens the face. If it appears too yellow you can mix it with concealer in a similar formula that is your exact skin match.

    2. A good primer should help with the settling issue by plumping out those lines before makeup. For touching up, you can use the Clarins Instant Smooth Line Correcting Concentrate Pen (it can bee applied on top of makeup to smooth everything out without disturbing the placement or breaking up the makeup).

    3. I would test a makeup setting spray. Urban Decay and Clarins make great ones. Since you are prone to breakouts, I would definitely test before purchasing.

    4. For lid primers, I like Benefit Stay Don’t Stray and Urban Decay Primer Potion. A tip is to pat the lids with tissue first to eliminate any excess skincare. With eyes, it’s usually excess skincare that breaks up product over time (even longwear or waterproof formulas). Then apply the primer and allow it to dry/set. Then apply makeup. 

    Hope this helps and I will stay in touch!!


  20. 1pa0jzf46trwx


    Thanks so much for the info! I will begin play immediately!

    And, thanks for really caring about all of us by answering.