DAILY DIVA: Very Berry

DAILY DIVA: Very Berry


Hola Chicas!

Your favorite fall intern Brittany is back to share my latest Divalicious experience with you!

Earlier this week, on a dreary Tuesday afternoon, LDiva and I decided it was a good opportunity to break the mold and color outside my makeup lines by testing a berry bold lip color on me.

On most days, I wear a neutral lip color. While I’ve never been afraid of bolder, brighter colors on my eyes, I’d been less fearless on the lips .  Much to my surprise, as I am sure she hears often, Lauren WOWed me.  Initially, I was shocked because I am not used to my lips being so bright, but after all of 30 seconds, that was well and done and I was wondering what I had been missing all this time!

This is one change that I am certainly embracing, and I will continue to play around with more vivid shades.

My favorite part of it all was how Lauren paired the bright berry lip color with a more neutral eye color.  This combination is quick and easy to apply and would look great for any occasion, even staying in on this rainy New York City day.

For those Divas looking to add some fun and festive flavor to their holiday look, this is one I strongly recommend for the season.

You might just make a different kind of love connection, right in time for the holidays. ♥

And now onto the berrylicious pics….

Lip Products Used

Aquafor for lip conditioning

MAC pencil lipliner in Beet

Mirabella lipstick in Posy