Daily Diva: Virtual Diva

Daily Diva: Virtual Diva

My mind is not blown often… but it’s kind of TOTALLY blown right now by the technology in the latest Virtual Makeover tool from Modiface  - available online HERE and also as an iPad app HERE.

You’ve got your basics of course, so you can virtually apply color cosmetics to your uploaded pic. (I admittedly still find this to be so much fun and a total timesuck)…

But now, for the next-generation 2012 platform, in addition to trying on makeup you can also… drumroll… CHANGE YOUR FACE. And I’m talkin’ evvvvvvverything. So before a trip to the derm or surgeon, you may as well virtually…

-Banish Wrinkles

-Get a Nose Job

-Plump Your Lips

-Lift Your Brows

-Contour Your Jaw

-Remove Smile Lines and Crows Feet

-Lighten Under-eye Circles

-Fix Discoloration, Hyperpigmentation and Spots

-Reverse Sun Damage

-Get a Tan

-Brighten Skin

-Minimize Pores

-Clear Acne

-Hell, why not Get a Facelift???!

Seriously, this thing is GENIUS.

And I naturally had to take it out for a spin, so to speak.

It look me no time to get down to business.

Here I am BEFORE… (it’s best to use a direct head-on shot)

And now the AFTER –  showcasing some pretty Stila eye-shadow, virtual liquid liner, NYX pink blush pluuuuuuus some cheek filler, skin brightener, arched eyebrows and (my fave!!) a lip augmentation. Check out that kisser!!!

O.M.G. I love this thing!!! I already foresee missing today’s deadlines and being late for tonight’s plans. #mustplaymore