Diva Dish: Coat in Oil. Heat.

Diva Dish: Coat in Oil. Heat.

While down in Florida, I conducted a very scientific testing of a… suncare product.

The productHawaiian Tropic Protective Tanning Dry Oil SPF 12

The hypothesis: While it may expedite and enhance the tanning process, can SPF 12 really protect against any harmful rays? Does a product with ‘oil’ in its name count as suncare?

The well-thought-out and perfectly-timed experiment: I generously sprayed the dry oil on the tops of my legs, stomach, chest and arms. LOVED the way it evenly misted the skin. No need to get greasy hands by rubbing it in (verrrry important for those of us attached to our touchphones). I returned some emails and made a call while facing the sun for an hour, midday. The skies turned grey and overcast so I flipped. In a matter of minutes (no more than 10), the skies cleared as often happens in sunny Florida. However, I had brilliantly fallen fast asleep. Roughly an hour later, I awoke making for quite a fair comparison.

The outcome: The front of me is now bronzed and beautiful. The back of me – burned and blotchy. Not crimson red or blistered, thank god, but just burned enough where a hot shower stings like hell and moving around while sleeping is uncomfortable.

Surprise of surprises – the Protective Tanning Dry Oil SPF 12 is both a tanning aide and protective suncare. Unbelievable.


~ “Testing” was exclusively conducted below-the-neck. Yes, I made the foolish mistake of flipping and frying but best believe I slathered SPF 50 on my face at all times while in the sun and in the shade.

~ I am olive-skinned and hardly ever burn. Testing occurred after a couple of hours in the sun two days prior that left me with a very light base tan.

~ Scientific methods utilized are not encouraged or condoned.


The new packaging looks like this (below) and can be purchased HERE.